Secrets to successful interviewing

I worked over 20 years in the humans resources department and an integral part of this time was spent on interviewing. I realized that conducting an interview by itself can be easy – it is just asking a bunch of questions which you can easily download from the internet. But does this really get the job done? so after you ask all the questions and the candidates answers them –how do you determine if the candidate is the right candidate? They could have got all the answers right. Does that mean they are the right candidate. Many a times I am guilty of recommending candidates that i thought were the right candidates by the answers in the interview only to find that they were not the right candidates – they simply did not fit in

great-strength-300x168 Secrets to successful interviewing

Whether we like to admit it or not we are suckers for first impressions. How many times have first impressions been wrong. have you noticed how interviewers value “enthusiastic” candidates and reject those who show little enthusiasm. You may be surprised to find these so called “unenthusiastic” candidates may turn out to be the better candidates for the job.

I was a junior hr exec in the bank when i joined in for my first interview with my boss. He was interviewing to hire some tellers for the bank’s branch. Among other questions he had a “key” question that would determine whether the candidate was hired. The question was “When you came into the bank what is an important thing you see?” Some of the candidates would say -chair, table, counter, money, people. To all these answers he would say no, not quite right. When a candidate answered “people” He would say, close, close. Only 2 of the 20 candidates got the right answer i.e. “teller….TELLER”. They were the only ones hired in the first round of interviews. Of course after this I did a pre-interview of the candidates my boss was going to see and those that I assessed were suitable I would tell them “Hey, you know when you come into the bank you would naturally see a teller wouldn’t you” They would unknowingly say “Yes sir”. All these candidates somehow passed and got the job.

Think you are a great interviewer…Why don’t you check out the video below and learn something more about interviewing….Enjoy

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