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Prayer Time For Muslim Staff In Malaysia

muslim-prayer Prayer Time For Muslim Staff In MalaysiaIn Islam a Muslim has the obligation to pray five times a day. The timing for these prayers to be performed are the first one in the day is to be between dawn and sunrise, the second midday to late afternoon, the third late afternoon to before sunset, the fourth sunset to dusk and the fifth after dusk. Muslims need to wash their hands, mouth, nose, face, arms and feet before prayer. When Muslims pray they stand, bow and prostrate themselves as they recite from the Quran or pray other prayers. Prayer should be performed in a dry clean private place. While praying one will not respond to anyone. Generally the time needed for prayer is about 20 minutes which will include the wash up.

Practice In Malaysian Workplace

The official religion in Malaysia is Islam. Freedom of religion is stipulated in the Malaysian constitution and one is free to practice one’s beliefs in peace and harmony. The Human Resources Ministry (JTKSM) together with Islamic Religious Authority of Malaysia (JAKIM) has drawn up some guidelines on the performance of prayer by Muslims in the workplace. The guideline can be downloaded from the ministry’s website The document is entitled GPSolat.pdf

Performance of Solat during Working Hours

Solat is the performance of prayers (5 times a day) by Muslims. The guideline advises the employer to allow Muslim staff to perform the solat for 20 minutes for each solat time and 1.5 hours for Friday solat. On Fridays, it is mandatory for Muslim males to attend a nearby mosque to worship and listen to a sermon. A prayer time range is included in the guideline to help employers plan towards releasing the staff for the solat prayers. Employers can adjust the employees break time so that they could perform the solat during the break time.

Guideline On Amenities for Solat in Malaysia

The guideline also advises the employer to provide a clean, covered space close or within the office premises for the performance of solat. It would be ideal if separate spaces are provided for male and female employees. A facility nearby to wash up would be helpful. Employers will also need to place a qilba direction or the direction towards Mecca as certified by the local mufti.

Can solat prayer be missed or performed later in extenuating circumstances?

Some Islamic scholars have commented that there could be extenuating circumstances where the solat prayer could be missed or performed later. They point to a hadith or a story where Prophet Muhammad prayered the midday and afternoon prayer together. This was nicely addressed in an article titled “Work-time prayer a struggle for US Muslims?” in Religious News Service.

Work is Worship

In Islam, work is worship.

So, you should do nothing in your work, which you will not do in your worship.

For, the same God is watching you in both places: your place of worship as well as your place of work.”

– Dr. Pasha on Islam, Muslims and the World

In Islam work is given special importance to the extent that it is considered as an act of worship in itself. Therefore, Islam is a religion of worshiping the Creator, with an essential part of that worship being working for survival. God tells us in the Qur’an to traverse the universe and make use of all the abundant resources that have been created for us. Islam is a religion that orders its followers to be part and parcel of a working and productive society. The Prophet Muhammad himself, who is considered a paragon of virtues in Islam, used to pray seeking God’s refuge from laziness or idleness. Even before he was chosen as a messenger of God, he was a hardworking person. This earned him the respect of his employer, Khadijah, who later proposed marriage to him because of all the merits and virtues she saw in him. Also, in exhorting Muslims on the importance of work, the Prophet Muhammad made it clear that getting one’s sustenance from one’s work is one of the praiseworthy acts of worship. It is recorded in his traditions how he turned a man who came to him begging into a productive member of the society by teaching him how to work and provide for himself.

Work as opposed to just praying

An extremely anxious and perplexed man visited Hazrat Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (‘a), and begged him to pray that Allah would increase his sustenance and relieve him of all financial stress.

The Imam (‘a) answered, ‘I shall certainly not pray for you.’

The poor man sighed and asked, ‘But why not? What have I done?’

The Imam (‘a) replied, ‘You know perfectly well that Allah has devised means and ways of attaining prosperity. He has ordered you to leave your house and earn a living through hard work. You refuse to obey the law and foolishly hope praying for you will bring you prosperity.’

You work while I pray

A number of pilgrims were narrating their experiences of Hajj to Imam Jafar al- Sadiq (‘a), and recounting their views about their fellow pilgrims. One person was immensely impressed by a fellow pilgrim and said, ‘He was truly pious and an indefatigable worshipper of Allah. Whenever we broke journey to rest for the night, he retired to a secluded place, spread out his prayer mat and got engrossed in the worship of Allah.’

The Imam (‘a) enquired, ‘Who looked after the rest of his affairs? Who tended his camel?’

He replied, ‘Obviously, we performed all those duties for Allah’s pleasure. He remained absorbed in the holy acts, and had no time for such menial chores.’

The Imam (‘a) replied, ‘No wonder you achieved more than he did with all his piety and worship.

Personal Assistant to CEO wanted in KL (salary RM3,500/-)

The Companyit-software Personal Assistant to CEO wanted in KL (salary RM3,500/-)

The CEO of an IT software company requires a personal assistant to help him with important tasks while he concentrates on the core business of the company. The office is located close to Paviliion in the heart of Kuala Lumpur close to a monorail station. The budget for the position is up to RM3,500/-. Aspiring candidates are encouraged to apply.

it-software Personal Assistant to CEO wanted in KL (salary RM3,500/-)The Job

  • You are able to manage and maintain the CEO’s diary & schedules, coordinate meetings, conferences, travel  arrangements and other miscellaneous tasks;
  • You will answer phone calls, take messages and take necessary & appropriate action where needed;
  • You are capable of organizing and maintaining database and filing systems
  • You are proficient in typing, compiling and preparing reports, presentations and correspondences;
  • You would be willing to assist in various tasks to help out the HR Department (this will be required as the Personal  Assistant ‘s workload is light);
  • You have a working knowledge of  Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

it-software Personal Assistant to CEO wanted in KL (salary RM3,500/-)Competencies you must have

  • You are able to listen and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences and  you are also able to communicate information and ideas in speaking so others understand;
  • You are able to read and understand information and ideas presented in writing and are able to communicate this in writing so other will understand;
  • You pay attention to details;
  • You are a confidential person;
  • You are able to plan & organize;
  • You manage your time well;
  • You have initiative;
  • You are reliable and can be depended on.

To apply for the job please click this link : https://corporate-hr-services….

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Technical Manager Job opening

Optimized-digital-strategy-300x169 Technical Manager Job opening(telsa_main_slider)

Responsibilities for Technical Manager Position 

  • The Technical Manger will take ownership of the System Product and Implementation Unit.
  • He/She will have to do resource capability planning & management for new recruitment, staff career development.
  • The Technical manager will have to maintain effectiveness and efficiency of the Unit/ Department’s operation including the Project execution by the Project Lead and technical team.
  • He/She will manage the PMO team
  • The Technical Manager will manage the production support incident SLA and resolution
  • He/She will provide technical direction and guidance for the product development
  • The Technical Manager will be responsible for fulfilling the invoice target

Optimized-digital-strategy-300x169 Technical Manager Job openingRequirements for the position 

  • Degree/ Master in Information Technology or related field
  • Working experience in software development industry
  • Practical exposure in Project Manager Role (PMP) in software project implementation.
  • Preferable experience in banking industry project
  • Possess good interpersonal, written and communication skills, and positive working attitude and able to resolve staff conflicts.

Our client has their office location close to Wisma Genting, Kuala Lumpur. They are a seventeen-year-old software solution company developing various software solutions for financial institutions both in Malaysia and internationally. the company has about 90 staff and offers a 5-day work week, pleasant working environment and a competitive remuneration package to commensurate with qualifications and experience for those interested in this position.

Please send your cv with your current and expected salary to

Who is covered Employment Act in M’sia?

Employment Act 1955 covers the following persons:-

The Employment Act in Malaysia covers individuals under the description of “employee” and is defined under in the First Schedule Section 2(1) of the Employment Act 1955 and is summarized as follows. This act covers only West Malaysia

  1. based on wages (wages will not include commissions, substince allowance and overtime payment) and this must be RM2000/- or less
  2. regardless of nature of work;
  3. Must have a written contract;


  1. regardless of wage amount
  2. engaged in manual labor
  3. employees supervising those engaged in manual labor
  4. Drivers and other employees involved in the operation and maintenance of motorized vehicles
  5. Must have a written contract


The First Schedule of section 2(1) of The Employment Act 1955 is outlined in detail below :-

1. Any person, irrespective of his occupation, who has entered into a contract of service with an employer under which such person’s wages do not exceed two thousand ringgit a month.

2. Any person who, irrespective of the amount of wages he earns in a month, has entered into a contract of service with an employer in pursuance of which

(1) he is engaged in manual labour including such labour as an artisan or apprentice;

Provided that where a person is employed by one employer partly in manual labour and partly in some other capacity such person shall not be deemed to be performing manual labour unless the time during which he is required to perform manual labour in any one wage period exceeds one-half of the total time during which he is required to work to such wage period;

(2) he is engaged in the operation or maintenance of any mechanically propelled vehicle operated for the transport of passengers or goods or for reward or for commercial purposes;

(3) he supervises or oversees other employees engaged in manual labour employed by the same employer in and throughout the performance of their work;

(4) he is engaged in any capacity in any vessel registered in Malaysia and who:

(a) is not an officer certificated under the Merchant Shipping Acts of the United Kingdom as amended from time to time;

(b) is not the holder of a local certificate as defined in Part VII of the Merchant Shipping Ordinance, 1952; or

(c ) has not entered into an agreement under Part III of the Merchant Shipping Ordinance, 1952; (part XII of the Act is not applicable) or

(5) he is engaged as a domestic servant. (Section 12, 14, 16, 22, 61, and 64 and Parts IX, XII and XIIA of the Act not applicable)

Secrets to successful interviewing

I worked over 20 years in the humans resources department and an integral part of this time was spent on interviewing. I realized that conducting an interview by itself can be easy – it is just asking a bunch of questions which you can easily download from the internet. But does this really get the job done? so after you ask all the questions and the candidates answers them –how do you determine if the candidate is the right candidate? They could have got all the answers right. Does that mean they are the right candidate. Many a times I am guilty of recommending candidates that i thought were the right candidates by the answers in the interview only to find that they were not the right candidates – they simply did not fit in

great-strength-300x168 Secrets to successful interviewing

Whether we like to admit it or not we are suckers for first impressions. How many times have first impressions been wrong. have you noticed how interviewers value “enthusiastic” candidates and reject those who show little enthusiasm. You may be surprised to find these so called “unenthusiastic” candidates may turn out to be the better candidates for the job.

I was a junior hr exec in the bank when i joined in for my first interview with my boss. He was interviewing to hire some tellers for the bank’s branch. Among other questions he had a “key” question that would determine whether the candidate was hired. The question was “When you came into the bank what is an important thing you see?” Some of the candidates would say -chair, table, counter, money, people. To all these answers he would say no, not quite right. When a candidate answered “people” He would say, close, close. Only 2 of the 20 candidates got the right answer i.e. “teller….TELLER”. They were the only ones hired in the first round of interviews. Of course after this I did a pre-interview of the candidates my boss was going to see and those that I assessed were suitable I would tell them “Hey, you know when you come into the bank you would naturally see a teller wouldn’t you” They would unknowingly say “Yes sir”. All these candidates somehow passed and got the job.

Think you are a great interviewer…Why don’t you check out the video below and learn something more about interviewing….Enjoy