people2-300x94 Why CHRS?

People are the DNA of a company.

Companies don’t become successful just by themselves.

Why is it that some companies seem to thrive regardless of the challenges they face while others fail?

Among other things, one of the more important or rather the main component will be its people.

It is the people that make the difference.

It is the individuals carrying out specific roles that enable the vision, the strategy, the brand, the value of the company.

Finding the “right” kind of people can be a difficult task.

The right candidate is one who will fit in with your culture and flow and get things done the way your organization does it. There are many elements to getting the “right” candidate.

How do we find these individuals?

CHRS has been in the recruitment business for the last 17 years and we know something about finding the right people for your organization.

Finding the “right” people can be likened to fishing.  If you wanted a shark you will have to go to the sea and the bait you use needs to be bloody and fresh. If you want a tilapia you need to go to some of our ponds locally and you can catch them easily with any kind of bait. If you want to catch an haruan (also known as snakehead) you will have to go to our rivers and the bait has to be small frogs.

At CHRS as we try to ascertain your people needs we usually try to understand the DNA of your company – the culture, philosophy, and people make up for your organization. Then we take time to ensure the job description and man specifications are a precise fit. We talk to the HR, the superior, the subordinates to ascertain that we are on track. From there we try to determine the “pool” where these candidates would be (whether they would be in MNCs, public listed or private companies or government-related companies). We also sit in the interviews as a recruitment partner to ensure that the candidates chosen are the “right fit”.  We also try to match candidates based on the compensation and benefits offered.